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Ashley Dawson - Celtic HarpistVisitors to Ash Grove want to know what YOU thought of Ashley Dawson’s celtic harp sounds.

Where did you hear her last?

Which song did you like best?

What is your impression of the sound of her harp?

With your permission, we will share your testimonials with the world, giving only your first name and last initial.  A larger by-line may be included at your request and at our discretion.


l listened,very nice, love the fact you play songs about Jesus. Juan M C (Guitarist for the band: Los Riveras)

Really enjoyed the concert on Saturday (July 16/16). Very beautiful music! Dale L.

I heard Ashley play, she’s fabulous and so nice to talk to. Kenneth N. H.

Such beautiful music! ~ Donna P

Oh the music makes me want to sleep. ~ Staff member of bread truck at Kelowna Farmer’s Market

It is soothing and peaceful ~ Kelowna Farmer’s Market management

Playing a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted Celtic harp, Ashley Dawson produces a unique sound – warm, soothing and melodic. In a cellar door or listening to a CD with friends, it makes for enjoyable listening with a glass of fine wine in hand. ~ Michael Botner


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