Ashley Dawson – Harpist

Ashley Dawson - Harpist

Ashley Dawson - HarpistAshley began learning to play the harp in October 2013, hardly six months after graduating high school with honours.  In November of that year, thanks to the generousity of her former woodworking teacher, she was able to build her pictish-inspired harp.  It would be fully strung and useable by January 10th 2014.

She has played songs for the Evangel New Year’s Eve Celebration December 31st 2014, a youth/church social in February of 2015, and played a 30min opening set for the Kelowna Community Gospel Choir’s Spring and Christmas Concerts at St. Michael’s of All Angels in 2015. In 2016 she was asked to play during the reception of the May 2016 Spring Concert at St. Michael’s of All Angels.

Everywhere she takes her harp, people want to learn about it, and admire both her playing and her harp’s unique sound.  She is regularly told that her harp music is soothing to the ears, relaxing, and peaceful.

In her own words, she shares the following about the harp’s influences and creative process:

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